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About us

The starting point for VÄXOTEK is HEALTH!

Our concept - Short, effective efforts over time
- with the desired desired permanent change!

I run the company called Ann-Charlotte Hassellöf and am a licensed psychotherapist with long experience in care in both psychiatry as a physiotherapist / nurse and in primary care as a KBT therapist.

My professional career started more than 40 years ago and the experience from this has led to the start of the company in 1997. Since then, the company has only been operating on a smaller scale, but since August 2013 I work entirely with this to give people improved living conditions.

My own life journey together with my community involvement and my curiosity have guided me to constantly want to create new opportunities for others to push their boundaries beyond the current situation.

This journey continues continuously and I keep updated on the latest research.

The medicine and treatments of the future will, with conviction, be energy medicine methods and these now have their advancement in the US mainly but the knowledge is spreading rapidly.

To stay at the forefront, I trained myself in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to be able to offer another opportunity for development / self-care.

This is what I now offer Dej!

Based on Your / Your / Company's desire for change, the work starts by doing an analysis of the situation with you and then sketching out an individual, flexible solution that meets your / Your need.

Following our agreement on a time frame, price and start date, I execute and follow up the work continuously over the time agreed on the basis of the focus we have decided together.

I also undertake mentoring assignments, coaching and act as a board for managers / leaders of various kinds.

As a result of my / our efforts , our reputation is what best promotes our business.

If you have not met with us before or have consulted before deciding on any action, you are most welcome to contact us.

Price picture is provided upon request in relation to the nature of the assignment.

Discounted price when deciding on 5 booked occasions initially with individual contact.

We welcome the opportunity to gain your confidence and promise to give you the best help for a new, better starting position.


Lavender Road 33

Ronneby, 372 39

Of course, at group meetings and organizational development assignments, I come to you!


I am best reached via the contact link here on the website or leave a message on mobile response as I am very much on different assignments.

Mobile: 0704 926 158



According to the new European Data Protection Act (GDPR) (General Data Protection Regulation), which comes into force on 25/5-18, VÄXOTEK now updates the information to you as the client, hires, visits or is a partner for complete security regarding the handling of the data that is relevant.

In order to take good care of you, some information about you is needed.

The data that appears are based on the laws I as a leg psychotherapist have to follow.

This is primarily regulated within the health-related health-care system for record keeping. The journal is kept, where appropriate, on psychotherapeutic efforts in accordance with Chapter 3

1§ the Patient Data Act in the care and treatment of patients. Other Chapter 2, sections 19 of the National Board of Health and Welfare's regulations on information management in Healthcare.

In this context, I have a duty to keep records.

In other customer cases, development talks, group dynamics work, company development of various kinds and the like, only memos are recorded except in the procurement contracts that are drawn up.

For further information on the regulatory framework see:

- The Health Care Act

- The Patient Safety Act

- Lex Maria

- Patient data layers

- Patient layers

- The Public and Secrecy Act

- Lex Sarah

See specific information about the various processes that occur on the specific page.