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In order for you to feel safe / secure with the company's efforts, you can find below the company VÄXOTEK's process description. According to GDPR.

Process 1 Customer calls himself

Names, telephone numbers, addresses and social security numbers are taken to reach the person in question and bill the right person

Process 2 External actors who have commissioned VÄXOTEK of a health-care nature

A. Case number, name, social security number, telephone number is taken to be able to call the person and determine the time for the start of the assignment, give information about the location and know where in the journal / external one, I shall document and secure the right client.

B. Under other healthcare companies where my consultancy efforts are used, information on names, social security numbers, addresses, telephone numbers and other already documented information is obtained from the external healthcare company.

Process 3 Development talk

Name, telephone number, social security number and address are taken to reach the person and invoice correctly.

Process 4 Assignment against company effort, workgroup development, other company development or similar on assignment.

Only company information and procurement contracts with relevant information to ensure that the target for the procurement is reached.

The list of registers that appear is:

Customer register Name and contact details

Type of action

Start and end date of the action

invoice Templates

Billing Record

Diary list invoices Current invoices and handling of them.

(Diary, Unpaid Fact. Paid Fact.)

The information that is no longer current / ongoing is archived / deleted if possible after the end of contact / action.

It is routine to sort the flow one time / year in connection with the company's annual report.

You can update your information at any time or request that personal data be removed to the extent possible by law.

You can trust that I, as a physiotherapist, follow the laws I have attached myself to and that your personal information is protected.

Similarly, processing and all other measures that the company VÄXOTEK is responsible for comply with applicable data protection rules, other internal guidelines and routines.

The person responsible for the above is Ann-Charlotte Hassellöf leg.psychotherapist / nurse

You reach me on mobile number 0704 926 158 alt 0457 66751

or via mail to Lavendelvägen 33, 372 39 Ronneby