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Do you want to develop and grow as a human being?

Do you want to be in a creative, harmonious working group?

Do you want to develop your business?

Then VÄXOTEK is something for you!

You have the knowledge and the power ... I help you find it!

VÄXOTEK focuses on short effective efforts over a long period of time.

We want to offer you the opportunity to develop / improve your potential for good quality of life, creative, harmonious groups and creative growing companies.

We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Together we steer towards a better future!

I work with calls in focus, but I use different conversation techniques to achieve the goals that we set together.

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Summer has passed and autumn comes with leaps and bounds. Always as exciting to see what comes out of it.

Would like to strike a blow for the groups that have proven to work best.

We do not get rid of stress, but can learn to handle it much better the more knowledge we have about what it means, what impact it has on the body and how we best protect ourselves from the negative effects. Mental tools for entrepreneurs is something that I offer both in groups and individually if you prefer.

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Stress management

Stress is one of our most common public health problems according to WHO and is a contributing factor to several of the modern problems we are struggling with such as high blood pressure, stomach problems and sleep problems.

We can all learn to live in balance and harmony with our various activities. Both positive stress and more negative stress are conditions that we cannot live without, but need to be able to handle so that we instead develop and grow as human beings.

Short course info: Groups of max 8 participants. Closed groups. The course is based on KBT technician. 8 occasions starting on an ongoing basis.

You will learn to work efficiently and relaxed while maintaining calm.

Of course, privacy is applied!

Mental tools for entrepreneurs

This course is mainly aimed at you who have employees. Here you will learn how to handle various issues that may arise in your work as manager in relation to your employees.

As a manager, regardless of position in the organization, you meet employees who in different ways work in the direction of the company's goals more or less.

My hope is that, through better self-insight, you will be able to better understand people's behavior and better confidence in yourself to manage the employees in a way that they work for the goals in the same way you or more.

A company grows through employees' attitudes and attitudes to their work.

Short course info: Groups of max 4 participants. Closed groups. Theory of human behavior is interspersed with dialogues about own experience. Based on this specific situation, knowledge and guidance are provided.

You will learn at least 5 practical techniques to support everyday work.

Possibility for both day and evening group of choice. 1.5 hours was 14th day.

Of course, privacy is applied!

All groups apply :

We go through what privacy means carefully and commit ourselves to keeping it.

For individual calls, a discounted price is offered when booking on 5 occasions.

Price picture provided on request! Do not hesitate to contact us!


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